Senior Assasin

Senior Assasin

Gabe Tartaglia

With seniors’ highschool careers coming to an close, the festivities are just now beginning to ramp up as College Park seniors Sarah Kelly and Carli Rabson have decided to host  senior assassins. With the winner receiving a $400 prize, the competition is heated.

“It was really fun to organize the game and see how everyone took it so seriously. At first it was hard to figure out how long we wanted each round, but overall I think it went really well,” one of the organizers, Carli Rabson, said.

The objective of the game is to eliminate your target with a water gun without being assassinated yourself. Putting friend against friend and classmate against classmate participants battle it out until there is only one person left standing. So far, there have been 3 rounds with round four starting this week.

“It was stressful always having to look over my shoulder so I wouldn’t get assasinated. It was just as stressful having to almost stock my victim in order to try and get them,” senior Walker Dawson said.

The field, which started at 32 participants, has now been narrowed down to a select group of five people who will battle it out this last week until there is only one left standing

“Although the cavs assassin has given me a bit of anxiety, it has been a lot of fun devising plots to get my friends out. I never expected to be in the final five people but i’m excited to see who wins,” one of the finalists Cassie Black said.

The final round will start Tuesday, April 26th with one new twist;People who were eliminated in the previous round are now allowed to come back and try to eliminate those who are still playing.