Emily Hughes, Club Writer

The TECH4SCHOOL Club is an organization created to help improve the school through enhanced technical skills.

“Our club name TECH4SCHOOL comes from ‘TECH’ referencing our use of technology, ‘4’ referencing how we use our technical skills to improve life for our school and our classmates, and ‘SCHOOL’ the community here at CP that we aim to help and make school life more fun, safe, and exciting for,” Club founder Zhou Qi Chen said.

TECH4SCHOOL aims to make the school a better place. Their year started out uncertain like everyone else, as many students were threatened by COVID and school regulatory rules were prominent.

“I wanted to protect my classmates and help keep the school open for everyone. After I founded TECH4SCHOOL, I set our very first project to create a solution to this threat, protect the health of every student and keep our school from closing,” Zhou said. “We noticed that every day, thousands of students use the lunch line keypads to enter their student IDs to buy lunch, a major transmission risk. To prevent this transmission from happening, I led TECH4SCHOOL to create an app system for a touchless lunch line.”

It is incredible how something as catastrophic as COVID can inspire students to take their health into their own hands and come up with safe solutions to common problems.

“We have designed and developed an app system to make the lunch line touch-free, which works at any line, alerting the terminal to a person’s presence remotely and touchless. Our app for this, called LineApp, makes lines safer, faster, and more convenient. LineApp reduces the touch exposure at lines and prevents viruses and diseases from spreading to many students due to everyone using the same few keypads to type in their IDs to buy lunch, makes lines much speedier, and offers a quick and easy scan-and-go experience at line check-ins.” explained Chen. 

TECH4SCHOOL creates programs and apps to better the school and the experiences of students. The club’s Scan and Go LineApp has made it possible for students to stay safe while buying their lunch while maintaining efficiency. On top of this school-changing app, TECH4SCHOOL has also created a grade calculator to allow students to calculate what grades they need on midterms and finals to reach their desired grade, or better. Thanks to TECH4SCHOOL and their calculator we know just how much we need to study and what to do to reach our grade goals. Of course, they don’t just create their awesome tech for our school, they also attend competitions, in which they consistently succeed.

“Our club is always looking to improve and refine the coding skills needed to make an app,” Zhou said. “Competitions are an integral part of developing teamwork and allow for members to think outside the box. For example, the Congressional App Challenge was one of the competitions our club enrolled in, and we worked on developing an that will help schools. We found success in our club, placing first in the Congressional App Challenge in the district.”

The club competes against other schools to test and showcase their creations, to help make them better, and also to let students try the apps out. Contact them if interested. TECH4SCHOOL is an intricate part of the advancement of our school because as we are always reminded, we are the future. Thanks to TECH4SCHOOL and our wonderful school, the future has already begun!

If you are interested in joining the TECH4SCHOOL club, fill out this google form.