Peyton Heart Project


Eleanor Kelly

Peyton Heart Project poster, and wall of hearts.

Eleanor Kelly

If you’ve been near the English wing on the second floor, you’ve probably noticed the large wall filled with hearts and motivating messages. The National English Honors Society placed the hand cut and crocheted hearts to bring the Peyton Heart Project to our community. 

The Peyton Heart Project was created to help stop suicide and bullying, and to help end the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Each heart has its own message, some saying “love the life you live” or “love is more powerful than hate”. 

The Peyton Heart Project was inspired by many stories, including 13 year-old Peyton James who died of suicide. When he was younger, he experienced a lot of bullying, bullying can often lead to many mental health issues, negatively affecting the people and those around them. The hearts are placed in public areas so that everyone can find them, the project’s hope is to make people stop and reflect on the lives that are lost to suicide. Each heart is made with bright colors to express light and love, rather than darker colors that can represent more negative things.