The Great Debate


Mo Carter

Wordle is an online wordsmith app that encourages players to expand their knowledge of the English language. Each day, players have six guesses to try and puzzle together the day’s five letter word, with the game saying whether or not the guessed letters are in the words and if they are in the right place. This game can be difficult to play so there are many different ways people try and get the word. There are streaks to preserve, so players use whatever is available to them.

“Sometimes, me and my friends will play the game together,” senior Ana Krater said. “It’s fun trying to work together, but also to get competitive at times.”

Students at College Park have found a brain scratching pastime with the website, but like with all games each player takes the rules just a little differently. This has caused arguments about what is and isn’t considered cheating.

“I think a dictionary is absolutely allowed,” says teacher John Anderson. “But using one of those Scrabble dictionaries, that show you available words using certain letters, definitely isn’t.”

Sometimes the words are obscure and players wouldn’t know them, so some people use them freely. However, there are some that disagree with the use of any outside materials.

“The word should come straight from the player,” senior Justin Connelly said. “Using google or a dictionary is 100% cheating in my book.”

People like Connelly think that the game should be a test of one’s individual ability, so using resources is frowned upon. Either way that players play, they want to try and test themselves with the game, pushing their vocabulary and puzzle solving abilities. The third camp of people who play are just there for the streak, watching the number tick up with each day they play. Freshman Paige Crosby is one of these people.

“Sometimes you just have to google it,” Crosby said. “I’ll do anything to preserve my streak, especially if I’m on my fifth or sixth guess.”