Rolling With DICE

Emerging Entrepreneurial Club Provides Real-World Experience


Hannah Dollar, Editor

After emerging in 2017 through MIT’s prestigious LaunchX incubator, CP’s DICE club has continued to grow, establishing a presence in the school and our community. DICE has become an entrepreneurship club focused on community outreach and real-world involvement, working closely with local nonprofit and for-profit businesses and organizations. 

“Originally, we helped students prepare projects for the Diamond Challenge, but once COVID-19 brought to light the trials small businesses were facing we fully reimagined our initiative,” junior and DICE president, Sohi Patel, said. 

With 50 DICE members this year, the club is able to provide many project opportunities, from event planning and marketing campaigns to product management and app development. Through volunteering and assisting small businesses, members are preparing for future entrepreneurial pursuits.

“DICE is set apart by the real-world problems our members solve,” Patel said. “In other entrepreneurship clubs, hypothetical business models are created and presented, but rarely ever applied. In DICE, members team up to volunteer for a local organization in an area such as marketing or software development.”

Over the past two years, they have been able to help 23 local organizations. Some local organizations that DICE has teamed up with include Children’s Safe Harbor, Bears Etc., the Kailee Mills Foundation, Montgomery County Food Bank, and ARCpoint Labs. As the club continues to grow its network in the community, they expect to increase the number of organizations they work with annually, encouraging more inter-team collaborations.