HOSA Blood Drive


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Dayan Rivera

HOSA is a student-led organization that promotes career opportunities in health including the future of health professionals, and CP happens to have its own club. The HOSA club is hosting a blood drive throughout the school day on Friday in the 1500 gym led by Mrs. Hruska and Dr. Wood. 

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is organizing our school’s blood drive by supplying the proper equipment to have a smooth procedure. Gold Coast Regionals happens to be one of the largest blood centers, currently having 26 counties across Texas and having a record of being reliable. 

Donating blood is an important cause that can benefit many lives. As blood can be divided into three different components, plasma, platelets, and red blood cells, donated blood can be used to treat cancer and supply other medical procedures.  

The requirements to donate blood at the drive is to be over the age of 17, 120 pounds or more, present and valid photo ID, and you have to have eaten breakfast before school. These requirements will be checked upon arrival at the blood drive, and failure to meet these requirements will result in the rejection of donating your blood.