Women’s History Month


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Women’s History Month. Celebrated annual in March, to mark women’s contribution to history. Female symbol. Women’s rights. Girl power in world. Poster, postcard, banner. Vector illustration

Dayan Rivera

In today’s society, women have grown in so many ways. In the past, females used to be bounded to what society had to say, but luckily with time, that has changed. Today, women are able to vote and voice their opinions without having to be silenced and because of these achievements, we honor the impact women have had in history by dedicating the whole month of March to women. 

March is a celebratory month where females can look back and see how far they have come in society. Women take time to read about the many impacts that have been made since the 1950s to now. Females have fought and still fight for gender equality, even though it’s a lot simpler now, we are still faced with many problems such as sexism. Which is unfortunately a term that may never go away. 

There have been a lot of women throughout history that have impacted the way women live today. One of these powerful women was Malala Yousafzaiborn born on July 12, 1997, in Pakistan. She grew up in a village where her father ran an all-girls school, however, the Taliban took over and banned females from attending school. Malala spoke out about the matter and started a movement about women’s rights to education, unfortunately, because she spoke out a gunman shot her in the head but luckily Malala survived. She is now known to be the youngest ever to receive a Noble Prize only at the age of 17. 

Another powerful woman is the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic, Amelia Earhart. Born in Kansas on July 24th, 1897 Amelia lived in a time when it was extremely difficult for women to even step outside of their homes, so you could imagine how many problems she had to face just because she was a female trying to make a name for herself. Later on, she took auto repair classes, went to college in 1920, and took on the task of trying to become a pilot, as she was really determined to get her license. She set many flight records such as being the first to fly alone from Hawaii to the U.S, but it was her attempt to be the first to fly around the world that unfortunately, led to her disappearance and presumed death. Amelia disappeared somewhere over the Pacific and her plane to this day is nowhere to be found; this still is one of the world’s most iconic unsolved mysteries. Even though this tragedy took place she set a bright future for women who wanted to become something as big as she was. 

These women and many other females have influenced our world to change the future of how women can live, you can visit our school library to read about how these women have changed society’s standards. It is much appreciated to live in the world that we do now because of the impact that has been made. Yes, there will always be problems to face just by being a female, but it is always possible to overcome those obstacles and break barriers. Keeping women like these in mind this month is a great way of celebrating women and their potential, and continuing the trend of emerging empowered women.