Texan Round Up

Houston Live Stock and Rodeo


Dayan Rivera

Giddy on up to the Houston Live Stock and Rodeo (HLSR) this month, where artists such as Gwen Stefani, Khalid, Journey, and legend George Strait, and many more musicians come to perform. More than two million people attend the rodeo each year from Feb. 28th through Mar. 20th, for its extravagant livestock and horse shows, thrilling carnival rides, including delicious Texan cuisine.  

Since the pandemic struck two years ago, the rodeo was forced to be postponed. However, the Texas event of the year has been revived for people all over the country to come and visit with friends and family. 

First starting in 1932, the rodeo is known for promoting western culture, educating people about animals, all while entertaining individuals with many of their Texan shows. The 2022 Houston Rodeo marks their 90th anniversary.

The HLSR is famously known for having the biggest Livestock event annually, having a variety of farm animals such as sheep, goats, and pigs that people are able to interact with by feeding and petting them. 

The rodeo hosts many events, one being the Livestock and Horse Show. This event is one of the world’s massive exhibitions for rodeo competitors, having 34,000 Livestock and horse show entries each year. However, only a few walk away victorious of becoming a Houston champion. 

 An event that many fans look forward to each year is Mutton Bustin’. This event requires kids between the ages of five and six, to ride on top of sheep and try to hold on for as long as they can before falling off. This is definitely one of the most humorous events the rodeo hosts. Saddle Bronc Riding is another fan favorite, the adult version of Mutton Bustin’ except definitely a more thrilling show to watch. A horse is going wild trying to knock the cowboy off by bucking, however, the cowboy needs to try to hold on for as long as they can, chasing that eight-second ride to surpass their competitors.

Another main attraction of the rodeo is the live concerts, where famous artists come to perform for many of their fans. You can find this year’s line-up on their website at Concert Line-Up. HLRS has had many famous musicians come and perform, one being the Rock n’ Roll king, Elvis Presley back in the 1970s. 

There are always things to do and see while visiting the rodeo. Having many shops where you can purchase gifts and souvenirs to remember the time you had at Rodeo Houston. It is definitely one of the best experiences you could have, so purchase a ticket before the thrilling Texan event is over at https://www.rodeohouston.com/