Buy the Book


Mo Carter

Even with the rise of online books, through companies like Kindle, audiobooks, and companies like Audible, some people still prefer a physical copy of their reading materials. When on the hunt, people in The Woodlands area tend to only have two options, go to the Barnes and Noble near the mall or order off of Amazon. However, Barnes and Nobles tend to have higher prices and many don’t want to just browse Amazon for their next read. The local store named Buy the Book is a new, family operated bookstore that offers the best of both worlds, the ability to walk around a browse without the hefty price tag.


“We mostly sell used books, with an assortment of new ones spread throughout the store,” store manager Abby Fletcher said.


Walking into the store, people are greeted by friendly employees and a plethora of possible reads. Walls are lined with just about every style imaginable;Paperbacks and hardcovers, classics and newer releases. 


“We have so many genres: philosophy and sports to paranormal romance and YA (young adult) to manga and religion,” Bri O’Callaghan, employee, said.


Going in just to browse, it would be difficult not to find at least one book to walk away with. However, when looking for something in particular there is always a possibility of it being out of stock. Even if this happens, Buy the Book can help get the right book into your hands.


“If you can’t find the book you are looking for, we can order just about anything,” Fletcher said.


As long as the book is not restricted to other countries, people are capable of ordering through the store. They take many steps to accommodate their clientele in The Woodlands area, trying to keep a healthy source of books students may need for school. An entire wall of the store is dedicated to displaying these books.


“We happily stock any required reading for the schools in our area.” Fletcher said. “With some warning, we can order anything new that pops up to make sure the students get what they need.”


While the store wants to support the students in the area, they also acknowledge that there are schools in other communities that teach other curriculums that they do not necessarily support. Near the center of the store lies the area where banned books are proudly displayed.


“Across the country, many books have been banned for various reasons,” Fletcher said. “We have a small portion of the store dedicated to those books.”


These books were banned from school districts citing a variety of reasons from violence and language to topics deemed inappropriate for students. Each of these books in the store are displayed with a card explaining where and why these books were banned. This is meant to encourage customers to think critically about the kinds of books that students are and are not allowed to read. To help nurture this critical thinking, the store is starting a series of book clubs that are to be held in their event room.


“There will eventually be three book clubs: Buy the Book Book Club, the Adult Book Club, along with the YA Book Club,” O’Callaghan said.


Buy the Book hopes to foster a community of book lovers across The Woodlands area. Hosting events such as their book clubs and renting their event room for parties. All are welcome to this small, local business, both avid book lovers and those looking for their required reading.



25162 Grogans Park Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77380