Uncharted Review


Dayan Rivera

What started as a treasure hunt, quickly turned into a race for a $5 billion treasure in the newly released movie, Uncharted. Tom Holland, known for his role in the most recent Spider-Man movies, takes on the role of Nathan Drake for his newest movie, which premiered on February, 18th. Uncharted is based on the video game series that was first released in 2007; No wonder why everything seemed to feel so “impossible,” like Nathan was able to do some really inhuman things.

 Nathan is a boy that comes from a complicated life, he grew up as an orphan with his brother Sam, who is soon to be lost. He is gifted with a lot of knowledge of the past. Other characters could ask him about key past events and he undoubtedly has an answer with the facts and “so-called” legends of that event. Nathan also has incredible strength, as he is able to get out of certain situations such as boobie traps and fights without a scratch on him. 

Uncharted starts off with Nathan Drake falling with crates out of an airplane as he fights off bad guys with guns and grenades. There was never a dull moment throughout this movie as it was filled with many action-packed scenes. In my opinion, the fight scenes were the most exciting parts, such as a scene where he dangles from a chandelier while people are shooting at him. However, even when there were not any fights, there was a lot of entertaining humor. 


As the plot progresses, Nathan grows up to become a major history buff working as a bartender. Although, because of his great knowledge of history, he was recognized by treasure hunter Sully, played by Mark Wahlberg. Sully proposes the treasure hunt to Nathan but is not completely informed that Sully comes with many troubles, as he has numerous enemies that are looking for the same treasure and are willing to take any risks to reach the prize. 

I really enjoyed how great the chemistry was between the characters such as Sully and Nathan, making the movie flow effortlessly as if the actors have been friends for a while. There were times when there was obvious tension between the characters because everyone is on the hunt for the same treasure. For instance, every time a character mentioned the treasure they would start to feel a lot of distrust amongst each other because the treasure hunt took more than one person and if pride gets in the way then betrayal may take place. 


The cinematic experience was also well done. Everything looked pretty realistic; there was a lot of detail such as many scenes modifying the forest where one of the hunts take place, that did not go unspoken. Beautiful gold treasure and gems were included in the movie and everything about it looked mesmerizing at some point it felt like I wanted to reach for it. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. I felt many different emotions throughout the film. Friendship, trust, family, and betrayal were all portrayed beautifully. Uncharted kept being questioned “what if Sully betrays Nathan?” or “what if the treasure hunt has no prize at the end?” I definitely recommend making time this weekend to answer those questions by going to a theater with friends and family to watch Uncharted, as it is definitely a thrilling experience.