New Sports District


Gabe Tartaglia

As they do every two years, the sports district will realign next year, dding three new schools to our district; New Caney, Caney Creek, and Cleveland. With the addition of these new teams to the district,Cavalier sports are not looking for a drop in production.

“I think the new district will create more opportunities for us to win and score goals which can lead us deep into playoffs,” said junior soccer player Maddie Smart.
It is shaping up to be another “War of the Woods” for the district title, as in the realm of football none of these teams pose a real threat to the cavaliers. Going 7-4 New Caney had the best record last season while Caney Creek and Cleveland went 1-9 and 3-7 respectively. However, none of these teams have had winning records previous to last season.

“To be honest I don’t think the new teams will affect our performance. We’re just here to win football games,” freshman linebacker Reid Dawson said.

Similarly in basketball,Caney Creek has had a combined record of 12-43 over the last two seasons and the girls team went a combined 14-38. New Caney boys basketball went 21-12 last season and 12-11 the season before with the girls going 13-18 this year and 17-9 last year. Cleveland, again, was nothing special with the boys going 14-15 and 11-13 over the last two seasons and the girls going 2-20 last year and 7-22 this year. But again similar to football the now defending district champs are not going to let the gas off the breaks.

“It doesn’t really matter, if we are able to support each other and hold everyone accountable we can play our style. That alone is enough to take us to where we want to be” junior forward Josh Malcom said.

Regarding baseball the stats are more or less the same, with none of the new schools having an amazing record, and only one having a winning record. Caney Creek went 10-16 last season, New Caney went 14-13, and Clevland went 2-27.

“I don’t think that it will have much of an effect. We will just have to trust our preparation, Doesn’t matter who we play,” junior outfielder Zach Kline said.

Across the board, it seems like despite the addition of the three new teams, there will be very little change in the approach to the game in all sports.