Naja Woodard

Celebrating Black History Beyond February

February 24, 2022

As we near the end of February, I thought it would be nice to reflect on the significance of this month by highlighting CP’s efforts to celebrate Black History, specifically the TWCP Black Student Union (BSU). To gain deeper insight into the best ways to celebrate Black History and what is happening within our school to do so, the president of the TWCP BSU, junior Naja Woodard, has shared her thoughts on Black History.

“I think it is important to learn more about black history on your own. It is especially important to learn directly from black people,” Woodard said. “There is a plethora of black writers, historians, directors, artists, and many more who have unique perspectives to share. Then, you can take that knowledge, share it with others in your community, and raise the overall awareness surrounding Black History Month. History is a collection of many people, so it is important to remain collaborative.”

The TWCP BSU will be hosting a movie screening of “The Great Debaters” tomorrow, Feb. 25th, at 5:30 pm in the auditorium to close out the month by showcasing black history. Admission is free and open to anyone, including students’ family members. 

“The movie is based on the true story a debate team at a historically black university. We wanted to share an uplifting story with successful, black characters,” Woodard said. “We had some other events in mind, but we didn’t have the time or resources to bring them to completion this year. But you can be sure we will return with even more events next year.”

If you missed the QR code flyers in the main hall, make sure to check them out before the end of the month, as they are an easy way to learn about impactful black people that our society often overlooks. These posters are making an appearance for the second year as the BSU has been satisfied with the interaction and response. 

“We have seen many people show interest and even people wanting to join the club,” Woodard said. “There has also been a lot of collaboration between our club and various teachers and administrators. I think people always want to learn more, and it’s especially important for black students, and the student body as a whole, to see representation in their own school.”

Though February is dedicated to honoring black history, that does not mean it should only be celebrated and recognized for one month out of the year; This applies to the black community and society as a whole. The BSU welcomes all students to join them in creating a safe and culturally aware learning environment at our school and in our community. 

“We have meetings twice a month to discuss relevant topics within the black community and plan events to engage other students and address areas for improvement within the school,” Woodard said. “Most of the time, it’s less of celebration but rather an ongoing effort to spread knowledge and take meaningful action within the school environment.”

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