How to make: DIY Sushi

Eleanor Kelly

Making your own sushi can seem like a daunting task with all of the tools, ingredients, and skills you might think you need, but you actually you don’t need all of those that. I started making sushi not that long ago out of curiosity of the process. I also love to have lunches that are different and more creative from the regular ham and cheese sandwich. 

I do not have any of the fancy “necessities” for sushi making, such as the sushi rice and bamboo mats to help roll I just use regular rice and roll up the roll with my hands. The ingredients that I use to make sushi are: 

  1. GimMe Sushi Nori Roasted Seaweed 
  2. 1 pack of microwave rice (this normally makes 2 rolls)
  3. Vegetables cut into slim pisces (carrots, bell peppers, and cucumbers
  4. Smoked Salmon
  5. Cream Cheese
  6. Water to help seal the edge of the seaweed

To start, spread the rice onto the seaweed until it’s about 1 ½ inches from both edges. Next add your desired toppings, I like to make a veggie roll that has thinly sliced carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, and cream cheese. I also make a california roll with cucumbers, cream cheese and smoked salmon and add some of the leftover cut up vegetables from the other roll. After you have filled your roll, tightly start to roll the seaweed away from you, once you get to the end, wet your finger and run it across the edge to seal the seaweed together. Finally slice your roll to the desired width and enjoy with soy sauce!

Watch the video below to gain further instruction on how to make your own rolls.