Driving School Options

Dayan Rivera

As driving age is near for teens, it might be a great time to start taking classes to acquire a learner’s permit. Even though getting a permit still means having a parent or guardian present in the car it can still be a fun experience, and you never know, they might teach you a trick or two. 


There is a very long process to getting a permit, first, by trying to find a driver’s ed program. From personal experience, I know many students that had trouble trying to find which driver’s ed program to take, therefore I’m here to shorten the blow and help find a driver’s ed program that is best suitable for you. 


First up is Aceable, a joyful and effortless way to achieve a permit. Aceable keeps their students engaged with many videos to watch, quizzes to take, and the ability to work anywhere such as a phone, computer, or anywhere you could access the internet. They also have a variety of courses to choose 

One of their courses, the “Texas Instructor Taught Drivers Ed,” starting at $134, requires you to take the Texas DPS written exam and gives you the option to choose “your-behind-the-wheel-driver” or save more and take Aceable’s $115 course, “Online Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed.” With this course, you could get your permit in six hours under a parent’s account which also includes taking the DPS exam. 


 Here, you can learn the basic laws of driving through a very interactive website, making the dreaded endeavor more exciting, and is also accessible anywhere, anytime. I like Driver’s Ed because its website offers more information about its selections of courses and in-depth steps of what is expected to acquire a learner’s permit. 

They also have the “Online Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed” course, starting at $115, with the same values as Aceable just with more information on expectations and how to achieve a learner’s permit as soon as possible.  



This source comes off as more serious when getting on the road. They prioritize mostly on safety and that driving should always be taken seriously. They also give in-depth steps and information on what is expected in the courses so that students are informed on what they are getting into. Safeway is a state-approved driver’s ed class and you are also able to access any of their courses at the tip of your fingers. 

Safeway offers packages that you could choose from and their state minimum package starts at $499 and requires taking seven hours of seat time and then 30 hours of state driving. So if you prefer taking your classes in person and behind the wheel then Safeway might be the best option for you. 


The Woodlands Driving School

Finally, our last resource on the list is our community’s driving school. They present many of the same offers that the other resources have such as the courses, tips, and how to become a better and safer driver. Also available to access anywhere and anytime. 

TWDS is also an in-person driving school that requires 44 hours of driving class starting at $100. You practice with a driving instructor for 14 hours and then with your parents, it requires 30 hours of driving.  


With all of the listed resources, you are able to gain your permit in no time and at varying prices. All these sources will train and help teach you the ways of the roads to prepare students for the ride of their life.