The Basics Of Crystals

Lulu Shaban

Crystal practices have been in use for close to 6,000 years, dating back to ancient Sumerians who incorporated crystals in their “Magic formulas.” 

The Rise of Crystals. Though crystals have been around for thousands of years, they have recently had a spike in popularity in the past couple years. They have gained most attraction from social media influencers’ posts of just the rock itself or sponsoring brands’ crystal jewelry.

How to Use Crystals. Crystals are believed to have different energies to help heal, protect, help with intuition and more. For example, Rose Quartz, one of the most popular crystals, is known to boost feelings of self-love while fostering loving relationships with others. 

Choosing a Crystal. The first step to take when wanting to get more into crystals is to learn about what each crystal helps with and how they can affect one’s life. Once you get an understanding of the basics of crystals, they should be applied to life, particularly in areas that need fulfillment. It could be overwhelming to buy multiple at once, especially if it’s not necessarily needed. A lot of research must be done to see what each stone needs and the effectiveness of it.

Cleansing Your Crystal Once a crystal is chosen, you should “Cleanse” it. By cleanse, it’s not actually cleaning it with soap and water, rather purifying it from lingering energies. There are many methods for cleansing/charging, which include passing the gem through the smoke of incense or sage, using sounds from singing bowls, exposing it to sun or moonlight for several hours, or even burying it in a bowl of rice .This process can optimize the vibration of the stone so it can work at its full effect. 

Once cleansed, the crystal is ready to be used. One must set intentions and connect to their “Higher Self.”By grounding yourself, you are allowing yourself to help you during each session of meditation. This is when you connect your intuition and feel for an answer of your set intentions. Once done meditating with a crystal, here is where you close your meditation. You must gradually become aware of yourself and experience and how you are feeling.

There is no actual science to back up the practice crystals so some say it may be a placebo effect that makes people think the stone is helping. However, many people have explained the difference meditation and crystals have made in their lives. 


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