Bully Prevention


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Dayan Rivera

The definition of bullying is a significant act or pattern of acts of a person verbally or physically abusing another person. Unfortunately, due to social media, bullying has become a more frequent problem. It is a lot easier to make fun of people today with the resources we have at our fingertips. To say that bullying is pretty normal in our age is pretty upsetting.  

However, there are ways people can prevent situations like this from happening. If you or a student you know is being bullied please speak up and consult an adult that can be trusted such as a parent, teacher, or counselor. CP has many solutions to prevent bullying such as the Conroe ISD Police Department’s KidChat, a 24-hour hotline service where students are able to call or text anonymously and report any unsafe situation at hand. On the CISD website, students can find more information on KidChat and if that option does not work, then students can look for a “Student Complaint Form”, where they can fill out a paper and report the incident. Once reported, the administrators will start an investigation to help. 

Bullying has also been one of the leading causes of teen suicide. Cassidy Joined for Hope is a foundation, dedicated to suicide prevention. They honor the story of Cassidy Hess, a girl who sadly was a victim of teen suicide. The Hess family created this foundation where they try to prevent a tragedy like this from happening to other families. 

Our school joined for hope by creating this student-led club spreading awareness and prevention for teen suicide around the school. The first Wednesday of each month at 2:45p.m, CJH holds meetings where students can talk about their first-hand experiences with mental health and how they cope when things start to feel out of their control. 

There are also many counselors at any student’s disposal. Students are able to talk to them privately about any conflict or situation they are dealing with. Our counselors will take it into consideration and will try to help out to the best of their ability.

It is important for students to know that they are not alone when dealing with a crisis, and there are many different resources and people you can look to for help. Bullying should never be permitted and if you see an act like this occurring please say something.