How To Sell Clothes Online

How To Sell Clothes Online

Gabe Tartaglia

Online selling and buying has become an easy way to earn money and buy affordably.  Whether it be clothes, some custom art, or even just random stuff you find around your house in order to make more money. With platforms like Depop, Curtsy, Etsy, Poshmark, Ebay, and many others. Below I have listed key points to consider when selling items online..



In order to sell clothes online, spreading the word that you’re selling stuff is very crucial. Whether it be by word of mouth, social media posts, flyers, or friends, it is important to do whatever it takes to let others know that you are selling stuff. The more people that know and see your stuff,the more successful you will be when selling.


Good Photos

  The better the products look in pictures the more someone will want to buy them. If two people are selling similar things and one person’s content looks better than the other it will most likely sell first even if it is a little more pricey; just because it looks better. Also, the extra effort  looks more professional which in turn also makes people more likely to buy it.



To you an item may be worth alot, but you have to think about it from the buyer’s perspective. Think about it, no one wants to pay $100 for a cat picture. Making  sure it’s fair and not a turn off prom buying your product is vital.


Be Patient

Your Store might not blow up over night and that is okay. Special things take time to build up so just give it some time and it’ll get there.


Be Consistent

Whether this be actively answering customer questions and inquiries, keeping up with advertising, or even just keeping items in stock. Being consistent will most likely boost sales.



This one is similar to being consistent. Once you sell an item, ship it out ASAP; no one wants to wait a month for a t-shirt. Shipping fast also might lead to better reviews which in turn may lead to more future sales.