Are New Year’s Resolutions Worth It?

Lulu Shaban

The history of New Year’s resolutions dates back to around 4,000 years ago when ancient Babylonians were said to make promises to their gods, pay debts and return borrowed objects, thus “New Year’s Resolutions” were created. Since then, the idea of doing something different going into a new year has become more and more popular and it is now celebrated by people all over the world. 

This leads us into the big idea, are New Year’s resolutions worth making? I say no, they aren’t. I’ve never met anyone who has actually completed the task they set up for themselves, nor have I myself.

Although some have more achievable goals that are easier to accomplish throughout the year like taking care of oneself and making a realistic goal will make it easier to accomplish, but it is still a big commitment and it will literally take every day of the year to fully get the satisfaction of your aim.

For example, working out and eating healthy, choosing objectives that are more time consuming and strict are more difficult for some to stick to unless they have been prepared to do so before setting their goal but even so if something were to come up, like getting sick, it will be tough to go workout and prepare yourself a healthy meal when all you feel like doing is laying in bed and getting rest.

Another thing to think about when deciding whether or not to make an intention for the upcoming year is if you don’t follow through with it, it might encourage self-pity upon yourself and intimidate you from setting goals for yourself in your everyday life.

While it seems like a good way to start the year off, setting good intentions to improve yourself in hopes of becoming a better version of yourself and refresh. But really you are just setting yourself up for failure if you don’t stay with your intended goals.

A healthy way to improve yourself could be to make small simple goals for yourself throughout the year rather than not focusing on setting your goal in the beginning of the year. Therefore you won’t be so pressured to complete a large task in a certain amount of time and concentrate on finishing small efforts in order to achieve your overall goal for the year.

There are many factors that make a New Year’s Resolution a good idea, but I believe there’s a better way to improve yourself so it is not based on just a New Years Resolution.Canva