ABBA’s Final Note


Mo Carter

ABBA is a Swedish band that shaped generations of music lovers with their iconic folk rock sound. Even those who don’t recognize the band are likely to know one of the many classic songs they produced, such as “Waterloo” and “Dancing Queen”. The group was formed in the early seventies and dominated European music circuits until the mid eighties, with their first album being released in 1972 and the last one being released in 1981. Now, 40 years later, they are back with Voyage.

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As this is one of the first projects the group have worked on in the last few decades, the themes of reunion are clear in each song. Instead of the usual ideas of summer love and risks, the matured band take on lost lovers and watching their children grow. Fans of previous works will be able to tell the difference between the old sound and the new, but for those just joining the ABBA craze it has the classic 70s sound they are listening for.

The album starts with “I Still Have Faith in You,”  a song that runs just over five minutes long and is reminiscent of  the band’s “Chiquitita”. The descriptions of a reunion between old friends are accompanied by piano and violin duet that fades into drum set and guitar. This start can be surprising to many listeners, the sound of the music being different from what they expect out of ABBA, but the voice is undeniably them.

Then, at the end of the 10 song album lies “Ode to Freedom,” a perfect overture to the entire discography of ABBA. Being the final song of the group’s final album it leaves listeners with a simple message. Everyone should appreciate the simplicity of life, it is elusive and fleeting so don’t let it pass by. The final lines ring true as a final wish to all, “I wish someone could write an ode to freedom that we all could sing.”

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Many were excited by the resurgence of this classic band, and now many are sad to see them finally go. The band have officially said that this is their final project together, and it is quite the way to go out.