Princess Diana’s Fashion Influence Today


Lulu Shaban

As a new year is approaching rapidly, many fresh fashion trends are too. One of the main styles that have been in recent times ties to Princess Diana’s elegance of manners. She unapologetically  expressed herself through her outfits,making her unique compared to others at the time.

One trend that is attributed to Diana’s style is biker shorts with large sweatshirts. Diana wore colorful bike shorts with ankle high socks, tennis shoes, and an oversized sweatshirt, which has been seen on many celebrities such as Hailey Beiber, Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid. Not only are Princess Diana’s fashion statements sought after among most of our idols, but also with teens in recent years.

“My ideal casual outfit would be mom jeans with a tee and pullover vintage jacket and Doc Martens,” junior Amy Lopez said.“I would say my style is similar to Princess Diana’s in a way. She was always so fashionable and elegant at the same time and loved to mix things up like myself.” 

Another outfit Diana has brought into light is fitted sweaters with collared shirts underneath. She would usually pair this with plain pants and some type of white shorts. This trend was mostly prevalent during 2020, but still thrives while many people put together outfits similar to hers.

“My style is somewhat like Princess Diana’s,” sophomore Piper May said. “I like wearing crewnecks, white sneakers, button ups, gold hoops and more. I usually wear baggy-fit pants with a cropped or full length shirt depending on the weather.” 

It is easy to say that Princess Diana was a positive influence towards teen girls today and helped many find their style by showing it is okay to dress in a way outside society’s expectations.

Sanaa taking picture of her outfit
Sanaa J.