The Woodlands Pride Festival

Lulu Shaban

Sofia Luna and Lulu Shaban pose with snake at The Woodlands Pride Festival
Sofia Luna

In honor of LGBTQ+ history month, Hewlett Packard Enterprise sponsored a pride festival at Town Green Park on Saturday, October 30th. 

Many people of all ages came together to celebrate and enjoy games and displayed booths  of many sorts. Some of these  stands included activities such as guessing the number of skittles in a jar to  win a pride themed prize, and another one with snakes for people to pose with for pictures which seemed to be the most popular, many jewelry stands and food trucks as well. There were a lot of rainbow colored merchandise and a balloon arch with all the colors of the rainbow for people to take pictures under. 

The main sponsors of the festival encouraged people to snap a photo with an advertised sign to post on social media and tag them. The event brought joy to many and seeing all the volunteers brought a smile to copious faces. The festival took up a large portion of the park, compelling others unfamiliar with it to join and support the LGBTQ+ community.

The annual Pride Festival in the Montrose area in Houston, has been postponed to sometime in 2022 due to Covid rate concerns. This should not stop people from finding their own way to celebrate with others.