Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow

Lulu Shaban

Matt Maltese released his new album ‘Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow’ on October 8, 2021. When listening to it, it was plain to see he has drifted away from the style of music found in his previous albums. Maltese is most well-known for his popular song “As The World Caves In,” gaining traction through Tik Tok now having over 115,000,000 streams on Spotify. If you haven’t heard about Matt Maltese, he sounds very similar to a young Paul mcCartney, he has a calm vibe to his music.. He tells FADER via email “I wanted to take an everyday thing like spending an evening watching TV with a lover and exaggerate it.” 

One song that really caught my attention was ‘Lobster’ where he sings about his feelings of his love life. He predominantly says he will never find love, although he desires he could, because he is “not cut out for it.” He describes this when he sings “I’m so sad to tell you this, but there are no free agents left, we’re bringing your time to an end, and this is me from out the curtain, saying I’m not cut out for this.” 

Not only are the lyrics sentimental, but the music itself gives off a downhearted resonance that compliments what he sings about. The use of lower notes on the piano brings a complacent feeling as if the song is about the listener. Later on, when the chorus approaches it’s like a whole different song bringing an upbeat to the despairing lyrics and tune at the beginning. All the songs in this album share a similar tone from both the music and lyrics. While I enjoyed listening to this album, it is certainly not something to listen to on a frequent basis but rather in moderation.