Student Spending

Student Spending

Dayan Rivera

Most teens in the U.S. make money by doing chores such as cleaning their room, washing the dishes, or maintaining a job that suits their wants and needs. 

The average 42 million American teenagers spend over $9,626.76 each year, according to MVOrganizing. Although there are teens who know how to manage their money, it is important for all teens to learn how so that in the future they are able to live a stable life. Many teens have to start working at a young age to save money for college, or a car especially if their parents are not able to help as much economically. 

Each time I receive my paycheck I always try to put 30% in my bank account”

— John Patrick Stricker

,” sophomore John Patrick Stricker said. “I like to save my money so that I am able to invest in things later in life.”

Many students outside of school have jobs such as working at fast-food chains or retail shops. Teens who have jobs usually earn about $460 each month, according to Renolon, so that they can spend on necessities or save. On top of that many students still receive money from their parents as an allowance for their main source of income so that they can focus on school and other activities such as sports and clubs.   

“I earn my money by working as a junior party coordinator,” sophomore alia Zubia said. “

I try not to spend my money so often so that I can help family and friends when needed to.”

— Galia Zubia


Yet there are still many teens that spend money as soon as they have earned it. With the prominence of online shopping and paying platforms, it is easier than ever to blow through a part-time job paycheck. Having apps such as Apple Pay, Paypal, Venmo, and other digital wallet platforms, has made it fairly easy to spend money, simply press a button and the item that’s wanted has been purchased. 


“Because I have an allowance most of the money I get is from my parents,” junior Merrit Martinez said. “I usually spend that money pretty quickly on food since I have practice after school.”

Teens are able to learn values, appreciation, and management skills in saving up money for something that’s really wanted such as a car, college, or other expenses. Teenagers are able to benefit a lot in the future just by saving a dollar a day.