Safety Updates

The influx of new students this year has been one of the largest changes. The hallways are constantly jammed making it harder to get around, and the regular school schedule becomes a reality again. The current enrollment in CISD is 67,823 moving the district to implement a new technology into all of the schools that ensures a safer environment, an Air purifier. 

“There’s no question that the struggles and the fight is not worth it, to have our children in school, because we would not want to take away their opportunity to be away from their peers and our wonderful teachers,” Superintendent Dr. Null said in the monthly address to the district.

The school district has decided to incorporate this new technology into our schools in order to keep the student body and staff safe. These new purifiers will be district wide and help stifle the spread of COVID 19.

“These portable units are great filters, capturing, not only COVID 19, but all the things that float around from strep throat to chicken pox, all of the airborne viruses and bacteria,” Superintendent Dr. Null said.

The new filters called IVP will help decrease the spread of many viruses. These large filters, the largest being six feet high, will be included across all schools.

“It doesn’t use a chemical, so it’s not introducing anything harmful into our buildings,” Superintendent Dr. Null said.

Air filters will be used schoolwide, the largest ones being in the common areas, and smaller ones throughout classrooms, some will also be included in nurses offices. The units do not make much sound at all and have an adjustable setting, if needed. 

“I believed that it was okay to be concerned and deliberate in our actions, but at the same time being optimistic and hopeful about the future,” Superintendent Dr. Null said.

To learn more about these air purifiers visit their website here.