Volunteering Students


Lulu Shaban

Volunteer work helps many students prepare for and promote their futures. Volunteering at different places also reflects a students commitment to participating in selfless acts, particularly with colleges and businesses looking to see applications that include community involvement .

“I decided to volunteer because I love to spread my passion to the younger generation. It gives me a sense of belonging to know that I am making a difference in the lives of children,” junior and volunteer at the Woodlands Church preschool, Zach Cook, said.

While at the Woodlands Church preschool, volunteers get to spend time with children and teach them valuable lessons, which in return rewards with with knowing they are making a difference, even in a small environment

  “I volunteer at an area for homeless people to come get food, toiletries and other necessities. I first started with my dad and have continued ever since,” junior and volunteer at the Montgomery Homeless Center, Eliana Irvine, said.

While volunteering is unpaid work, volunteers’ contribution to the community earns them recognition from colleges. This recognition could go a long way in the application process as the more experience you are able to share, the better idea the university will have of the kind of person you are.

“I decided to start because I figured it would be nice to give back to the community and it would be a good opportunity to socialize with others,” junior and volunteer at the Montgomery Food Bank, Noor Shoubaki, said. “While I’m there we sort boxes, throw out expired food, weigh and send them out for delivery.” 

Shoubaki spends a lot of time at the food bank helping out when needed. She noted that many other students her age volunteer there as well for the same reasons. She also included that it is a good opportunity to become more social within the community.

“I began volunteering because I wanted to help people in need and to know I’m changing at least one person’s life  ,” Jake Arce  said.