Marching Band Competition Breakdown


Mo Carter

The Marching Band has poured the last three months of their lives into this year’s show entitled Under Pressure. Committing to the eight hours of practice allowed every week under UIL guidelines and the weekly halftime performances. Now, they get to enter the real reason behind all those hours of work, Marching Band Competition Season.


The Band has already competed in their first Bands of America (BOA) competition, but they are not  stopping there. The next step is the Lone Star Preview, an all day event this weekend, October 9th, at Woodforest Stadium. While there are multiple BOA and UIL competitions every year, there is only one Lone Star Preview. This is because the competition is built to allow for smaller bands to gain experience competing without the pressure of a nationally rated competition. While the Cavalier band may no longer need that added practice, they still attend for the sake of tradition and to show support for the other bands performing.


The next qualification of competition is the previously mentioned BOA, which are organized by Music of All, a company committed to expanding educational music programs throughout the country. There are no qualifying conditions to attend BOA competitions, but it still takes a lot of practice and experience to gather the proper funding from the district to allow the band to travel to these distant competitions.


The last category of competition is one most people are familiar with, UIL. With these competitions it is important to bring the band’s A-game because you have to reach a curtain rank in order to move on to the next competition. The Band has consistently made it to Area since the beginning of the program, but over the past two UIL cycles, they have advanced all the way to state.


Marching Band takes a lot of time, with Seniors completing over 800 hours of practice by the end of their fourth marching season. This is a big part of these students’ lives and it is important to show appreciation for the work they put into their shows. The best way to do this is by showing support at their competitions, meaning go and watch performances and congratulate them on all of their hard work. The next competition is this Saturday, October 9th, and Woodforest Stadium.

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