Laptop Stickers

Eleanor Kelly

Many students use stickers on their laptops as a form of self expression. Whether it’s a collection of all the places they’ve been, or simply for fun stickers that are reflective of who they are.

Lately stickers are on everything, and are everywhere. If you walk around school you will see an array of stickers ranging from funny memes to puffer fish stickers. Stickers are a simple and unique way for students to personalize their belongings and are, most of the time, easily removable with changing tastes. 

“I have stickers to make my laptop more fun and personal, and it also makes it easier to tell which one is mine,” junior Alyssa Harwood said.

Many chose to showcase their collection on their laptops, while others prefer to showcase them elsewhere like water bottles or bumper stickers. Putting stickers on personal items helps students identify their things, and it helps show others their own interests.

“I have these on my laptop because they remind me of my mom. Some of my stickers have meanings, but some were just space fillers,” sophomore Zoë Fenley said.

Stickers are very trendy, many online businesses send out stickers with their orders and even shops across the area have stickers to advertise their products. 

“I have stickers from all the places that I’ve visited, and one that is my dad’s band and I like all of them,” sophomore Dean Travis said.

Stickers come from many places, many can be rewards from classes or from stores. Students like to include things like their favorite places, movies, or movie and book quotes on their personals.

“I always looked at those people on YouTube with stickers on their laptops and always thought that I wanted that,” sophomore Zoë Fenley said.