Dress Up for Paris

Dayan Rivera

October 16th, students will walk through a “Night In Paris”, while dressed up and dancing with friends for a night to remember.  

Each year CP hosts a homecoming dance, but due to the pandemic, it had to be postponed. People from all grades are still able to come dressed up in their best gowns and dance the night away. 

Around this time of year, most people have trouble looking for stores that sell dresses or suits for the special occasion that is just around the corner. Incoming freshmen seem to have most difficulties in finding stores as it is their first time attending an event like this, therefore looking for a store that suits their needs is quite important. 

David’s Bridal 


David’s Bridal, on Lake Woodlands Dr., is a great place to start. Their online store is a great resource that is available to all customers. The David’s Bridal website is categorized by different suits and dresses for a variety of occasions. People can also book appointments through their online store to go in person, or just walk in. 

This store has many options for the event, such as simple solid colors, sparkly dresses, or statement dresses. Though their dress wear is more on the pricey side, it is worth a try as they are made of great quality.  


Crane’s Dress Boutique 


This Boutique, located in The Woodlands, has many great reviews on their service and dresses. Though they are currently experiencing issues with their online orders they do accept walk-in customers, and staff will be available when needed. 

Visit their website to find a dress that’s the perfect fit for you. People are also able to call their store for more information on the dresses and payments.



If you are interested in looking for suits Macy’s in The Woodlands Mall is always a dependable store to stop by. Since most suits have to be tailored to size, this will make them more expensive, however, the men’s department attendants here are very helpful with finding the perfect fit. 

Their online store is also a great source to look at for inspiration. Help is available as soon as you walk into a store, by knowing your measurements it’s a much easier process, but if not known then their staff is more than happy to help. 



Dillard’s is another store in the mall that has many suits for anyone that wants to make a purchase. Many of their suits have ratings and reviews so that people have an idea of what is best for them, they also offer a variety of sizes. Online orders are also accepted with the option of in-store pickup.