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Options for an after school snack

Mo Carter

High schoolers are hungry, and the school day can throw a wrench into anyone’s eating schedule. Students get in around breakfast time and leave just in time for a midday snack, or, if they’re in extracurriculars, around dinner time. Fortunately, there are restaurants all along 242, as many prefer to stay close and get there food quickly. Here are a few suggestions for restaurants right in front of the school.These restaurants are super close to campus but please remember that we are a closed campus and these suggestions are for before and after school hours. 




Chick-fil-a’s chicken oriented menu appears to be a favorite among students if the lines after school are any indication. The service is always swift and the staff is always kind, but the crowded dining room may deter some. This is why I recommend downloading their App and ordering before you get there. This allows you to get your 12 count nugget meal without the wait. 

Panda Express



Panda Express is a fast food restaurant that serves mostly an American take on Chinese classics, and by American I mean fast and greasy. While not as packed as Chick-fil-a after school, Panda is a go to for students seeking a more filling meal. You can go through the drive through, order in the App, or sit down and hang out with some friends. The service is always caring and the dining room is always spotless.

Tea Hive Boba & Sandwiches


Tea Hive Boba & Sandwiches does exactly what it says on the tin, they serve Boba Tea and Sandwiches. This is a great place to grab a quick snack or to settle down to study. I personally enjoy the environment when cramming for a Physics test or working on my English papers. The one downside is that it’s difficult to order ahead. They have no App or website of their own, but you can order through Grubhub and UberEats.




Russo’s is more of a sit down place, somewhere you can celebrate a birthday or a big win. They serve a wide variety of pastas and salads, but what they’re known for is their 28 inch pizza, which you can get by the slice. While maybe not practical for a daily after school snack, Russo’s is perfect for when you need a little something extra.

Shipley Do-nuts



The Shipley Do-nuts in front of College Park high school is a shinning example that donuts aren’t just for breakfast. Students pull through the drive through both before and after school, even braving the journey between the dismissal bell and extra curriculars. Shipley’s donuts are exactly what many students are looking for when it comes to a quick, picking-me-up snack, warm and sugary.

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