We Love You Tecca Album Review

We Love You Tecca Album Review

Gabe Tartaglia

Album of the year? Eh, maybe; it is hard to tell this early in the year. In my opinion it is between this and CMIYGL by Tyler The Creator for the best album released so far this year. And I know it’s a little late because the album dropped on Aug. 27, but it’s always better late than never.

In my initial listen of WLYT2 I wasn’t really listening to rate, I was more listening to it for the enjoyment of listening to music with friends. Even then, what stuck out to me about the album was how pleasing it is to listen to because of the upbeat lyrics and merry beats. The first song that really hit me was “LOT OF ME ” as I had heard it on Tik Tok first and was pleasantly surprised the rest was actually good compared to the little snippet. One song popular among my friends was “SEASIDE,” featuring Iann Dior. Although they could not give a reason besides it just sounded good, I would say that it is a pretty good summary of the album.

On my second listen through, when I was listening to critique, I fell in love with the album even more than before. The album just got better the more I listened. Aside from “CHOPPA SHOOT THE LOUDEST,” every song felt like something I could add to my playlist. Again, “LOT OF ME” was my favorite because of the main part being so catchy. But I also found that “ REPEAT IT,” featuring Gunna as a very close second because overall it was just a really good sounding song. “NEVER LEFT” is another one I felt like mentioning because it just flows so well.

Overall, the album was very very good, definitely worth the listen. For the most part the lyrics and beat are uplifting and jumpy which is always nice. The songs did not rely on features but the ones that did have features seemed to fit very well which is why I gave the features a 7/10 rating. As a whole though the album earned the highest rating so far at a 7.5/10. Also just to note, this album is explicit but there is a clean version available as well.