New Face in the Park

Mr. Nakamura joins the College Park Staff


Mr. Nakamura in his natural environment.

The 2020-21 school year was stressful for students, but many have forgotten the strain it placed on our teachers. Some had to make the decision to step aside, whether it was for their health or family purposes, leaving room for a new set of graduates to take their place.


This is where Mr. Nakamura comes in. The recent Sam Houston graduate took up his first teaching position as the assistant band director after the previous assistant, Ms. Martin, left the position at the end of last year. After a year like the last, Nakamura hasn’t hesitated to throw himself into the hefty task of getting kids dedicated to the band again.


“My biggest goal as a teacher is to get students to fall in love with Band,” Nakamura said.


This can be a daunting task, especially in the first semester, which is dominated by the marching season. Long practices and the hot sun are not a fan favorite, but somehow the band pulls through. This is in large part due to the directors’ focus throughout the season, instead of demanding perfection all year round, they change their goals between marching and concert season.


“My goals are for the students to learn to become a better human being in marching season,” Nakamura  said . “And learn to become a better musician in concert season.”


Entering into the school system can be intimidating, with new kids and new colleagues, but Nakamura has seemed to take it in stride. The new team, made up of Mr. Gorring, Mr. Savala, Mr. Schmidt, and Mr. Nakamura have plans to push the program farther than it has ever gone before. That takes unity between the staff and students.


“The band directors all get along great, we have a really good chemistry,” Nakamura said. “All of the students generally have a great culture and are extremely respectful.”


The band is really excited to see where Nakamura can take the program, and Nakamura is excited to show everyone what he can do with the program. 

“College Park is a really good place to be.” Mr. Nakamura said.

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