NHS Update


Isabella Carlin , Reporter

The National Honor Society is a club for seniors who have been accepted during the spring semester of their junior year. Seniors are accepted based on their grades and leadership experience. NHS has yet to have any meetings for members so far this year, however, Mr. Clements, the club advisor, provided insight into the club’s future plans. 

Q. When will the 1st NHS meeting be held?

A. This is still a little unclear. Due to the recent COVID spike and our large membership, the district is restricting the kind of large indoor gatherings that our Induction Ceremony and membership meetings involve. We are waiting for clearance.

Q. When will student officer elections be held?

A. We had originally scheduled to have officer elections a few weeks after Induction.  We will plan for the same once we have an Induction Ceremony date.

Q. What should members expect to be involved in this year?

A. NHS is primarily a service organization so they expect to have both NHS and individual projects toward community service. We can get more specific once an officer corps has been created and planning can begin.

Q. How can members learn more about NHS?

A. Members who were accepted in the spring were asked to send me the email address that they most frequently check so that I can send information to them. Those that have not can still do so.  Until officers have been selected and an internal communication system is in place, I can sometimes reach them through their classes. If they have any questions for me, members can always contact me at this email address: [email protected].