Hurricane Ida

Lulu Shaban

Due to the recent disaster in Louisiana, Hurricane Ida, many communities are struggling to keep electricity as the main supplier, Entergy, has only restored electricity to certain places. Louisianian’s are  threatened by carbon monoxide poisoning and the stress of trying to maintain power in their houses and businesses. Many who are without power are trying to keep their house lit with fires, fueled most commonly by gasoline or kerosene which can be deadly if built up in the air too long. On account of cell phone services not being operational, rescuers are unable to get calls from those who need help, therefore, they have been on the lookout for helpless people. Those in need of relief have fled their homes in search of aid if they are unable to receive any currently. Nursing homes were also forced to evacuate, leaving four patients dead and fourteen hospitalized. Ida evacuees do not have the option to return to their homes as rolling power outages and road blockage leave them with no amenities or access to their homes. After Ida strengthened into a category four hurricane on Sunday, September 5, the storm trailed north within the next couple of days, now expected to flood Mississippi, Tennessee, and Ohio Valleys.