Shang-Chi Review

Shang-Chi Review

Mo Carter

Marvel is back with their exclusively theatrical releases with the highly anticipated movie, Shang-Chi. 


This latest addition to the company’s ever growing saga is an adaptation of the 70’s martial arts master. 


The story starts with Shang-Chi and his friend Katy living their adverse lives as valet drivers when they are attacked by assassins sent by Shang-Chi’s father. This throws Shang-Chi right back into the family he has spent 10 years running from. 


The first thing that catches many viewers’ eyes is the action sequences. Seamless choreography and breathtaking musical scores have become a staple of any Marvel production and Shang-Chi is not the exception to the rule. Elegant sweeping shots and clever angles sell the blend of ancient martial arts and otherworldly magic. 


Another key ingredient in Marvel is comedy being interwoven with the action. This is seen when Katy, a character often used for a quick joke throughout the movie, picks up a bow and joins the final fight. There is even an appearance of Trevor Slattery, a villain from the Iron Man franchise.


One thing that sets this movie apart from any of the other Marvel properties is the costume and set design. Most of the saga is set in the modern age, but with Shang-Chi’s deep connection to eastern tradition minimalist choices wouldn’t cut it. 

Whether you like the movie or not, this PG-13 movie managed to pull in over $70 million in domestic box office, and was a monetary success.