Trendy Stops


Dayan Rivera

If you’re looking for a new place to shop and on a budget, thrifting locally is the perfect way to find trendy and affordable clothes. Thrift stores are a necessity to any area, they contribute to communities by recycling clothing and items so they are not turned into waste. 

Something Special, in Shenandoah TX, is a part of Montgomery County Women’s Center and gives to our community by trying to help improve the lives of women and children that have been affected by sexual assault and domestic violence. The store donates shoes, clothes, and furniture to local shelters, they also provide completely furnished apartments for families trying to rebuild their lives. 

Something Special is a great place to thrift, offering many vintage treasures such as jewelry, clothes, and everyday pieces for very pleasant prices. They also accept donations like furniture, serving as a depot advantage for people that are on a budget or just trying to create a unique space when decorating and moving into a new place.

“I spent my whole day at Something Special,” sophomore Galia Zubia said. “I found so many items such as rings, and pants for low prices. All the stuff I got has lasted me a very long time.” 

A different thrift store to visit is 2nd Avenue; they accept donations such as clothing, books, and furniture. Many people go there for clothes since several of their items are marked at low prices, from trendy clothes for teens to onesies for toddlers. 

2nd Avenue will be closing soon on September 11th due to the impact COVID had on the store. They want to give last-minute smiles to any shoppers that have supported them through these times by giving customers a 30% discount on everything in-store. Try to stop by before all their hidden gems are gone.