Covid in CISD

Lulu Shaban

The CISD superintendent ,Curtis Null, declared that students and faculty are not authorized to come to school if they have tested positive for Covid-19. 

Students have been in school for two weeks and there are 1400 reported cases of Covid in CISD due to students not wearing masks.

“I believe students who are unvaccinated should continue wearing masks, however, vaccinated students should feel free to choose whether they want to wear one or not” junior, Heather Mccoun, at College Park highschool.

Although students are being encouraged by faculty to wear masks, they are not required to therefore, covid rates are increasing.

“CISD schools should include an online program so students are able to quarantine themselves and do their work without putting others’ safety in jeopardy”Senior at College Park High School, Grey Cabrera.

Although online school is potentially more beneficial towards students’ health, it also has a probable destruction to their education. This year is more fit for those who avail from in person schooling. 

“I think Students who get Covid should quarantine themselves and email their teachers for work to do while at home” says Junior at College Park High School, Nikki Morris.

Since Cisd has taken away the privilege for students to stay home and do schoolwork, the Covid rates have been through the roof and students/ teachers have had more stress juggling school and their own safety.

“With the new FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine, students and teachers who are still unvaccinated are recommended to get the shot as a part of required immunizations but if they choose not to they should accept being required to wear a mask” shares Eckles.


Students in the halls
Lulu Shaban.