Back In Person

Eleanor Kelly


Sydney Stevenson
Students in the main hall on the first day of school

During the 2020-21 school year, many students throughout the district opted out of in-person learning, instead choosing online learning. These students ended up having to figure out how to learn on their own behind computer screens.

For many, if not all, students at College Park, the school looks entirely different from last year. The entire student body was impacted by the disruptive Covid pandemic seniors did not get to have a proper send off, freshmen had an odd first year of high school, and we only saw half of everyone’s faces. However, because of the pandemic, some decided online was better suited for them. 

“Well I had classes in a whole new wing, and no one else really knew where to go, and I didn’t really know where anything was,” sophomore Marley Miller said. “It was all kind of backwards.” 

The new wing, which is new for everyone having been finished over the summer, has many new and updated classrooms. This school year is the first time some students have ever seen their school and been able to see their friends since the beginning of the pandemic. Sophomore students who took online school have never even been to the campus and had a full school day.

“I liked being on my own schedule, but I disliked not being with my friends and missing important classroom information,” junior Mila Garzarios said. “After being on my own schedule for so long it’s hard getting up early in the morning.”

Coming back to school for many of these students is completely different. Physically interacting with other people and teachers creates a completely different environment. Remote instruction meant that students were able to be on their own schedule, and could decide when their day started and ended, but it also meant they were isolated from their peers and teachers

“I liked the online experience because I felt it was easier and I did not have to spend as much time on my work,” junior Madison Manhold said.

Online students learned through videos and powerpoints all year. Assignments were due at 11:59 pm last year, so remote students got to decide what time they wanted to start school. Many students didn’t have to spend a whole day doing school like everyone else, they could simply get it done before everyone else.