End of an Era

Multiple Staff Members Enter Retirement

Isabella Carlin , Reporter

This year, five staff members will be retiring from their careers at College Park and venturing onto the next chapter of their lives. For many of these individuals, they have been involved on campus since the school first opened its doors in 2005. The staff members who will be retiring are Marie Moen (English), Maria Gutierrez (Receptionist), Sheila Waggoner (Environmental Science and Biology), Milton Kelley (Technologist), and Angela Kyle (Academy of Science & Technology Administrative Assistant). 

Prior to their final days of teaching, Mrs. Moen and Mrs. Waggoner reflected on their favorite aspects of their careers at CP. 

What is your favorite memory from teaching at College Park? 

  • “My favorite memory is all the trips I took with the Envirothon team. I enjoyed taking students to competition and seeing what they had learned.”-Mrs. Waggoner 
  • “My favorite memory was opening College Park as a new school. The excitement to develop a new school was challenging and filled with anticipation. Who ever knew what great things would occur since then.”-Mrs. Moen 

What will you miss most about your teaching experience as you embark on retirement? 

  • “I will miss the interactions with teachers and students. I have worked with many teachers since the first and second year the school opened.”-Mrs. Waggoner 
  • I will miss the students and the people I have worked with. This year has definitely been filled with challenges but having great people to talk to each day has been a good thing.  We all have learned and grown through the tough times.”-Mrs. Moen