Don’t Check Out Yet…


Brianna OCallaghan, Reporter

As the school year ends, students, especially seniors, need to be careful in knowing what responsibilities they have for graduation or moving on to the next school year. Below are important reminders for ending the year off successfully and stress-free.


Fees & Due Items

Transcript fees are now loaded into School Cash Online and need to be paid by this Thursday, the 13th. If these are not paid by this date, students will be placed on a hold list and will be prevented from receiving graduation tickets. Along with fees are textbooks, equipment, and uniforms, which need to be delivered to the bookroom or classroom during school hours. A student can also be placed on a hold list for not returning an item or be required to pay a fine. Students should talk to a teacher or coach if they need clarification of what they owe.    


Exemption Policy

This year, students have more responsibility when it comes to exemptions. Focusing on second-semester grades, zeros in the grade book, discipline qualifications, and hold lists, this year’s policy requires students to be much more aware. All students are expected to show up to class either in-person or remotely during that class period’s exam time. Remote students who wish to be exempt must fill out the exemption form for that class. 

Click here for the new Exemption Policy.

Click here for the Underclassmen Exam Schedule.

Click here for the Senior Exam Schedule.


Cap & Gown

Seniors are still able to purchase a cap and gown before this Thursday the 13th. 

Click here to purchase your Cap and Gown. 


Senior Check Out

Seniors were expected to finish their senior check-out procedure by May 5th. If a student has not finished the presentation either in their English IV class or online, talk to a college and career counselor about how to officially check out. 

Click here for the Senior Check Out Presentation.