More Than A Dance


via Student Center

Last Friday, April 30, the class of 2021 held their prom at the Marriott Hotel & Convention Center. A celebration and culmination of one’s high school career, prom is a night purely dedicated to seniors and their efforts throughout the years. And while a pandemic has forced us into social distancing and to wear masks, it didn’t stop the seniors from having an unforgettable night. 

“Obviously, it wasn’t like the movies,” senior Eliza Joseph said. “But it was about what I expected. It was a good attempt at the school’s end, given the pandemic and whatnot. They made it as fun as they could, and at least we had a prom. It was great hanging out with all my friends, especially since we are parting our ways soon and won’t see each other for some time.”

Ever since the pandemic forced the country into lockdown and social distancing, events such as homecoming have had to be canceled for the safety of students and staff. However, thanks to the vaccine and the decrease in coronavirus cases, the school was able to go through with prom this year. 

“Prom was great,” senior McKenzie Elkins said. “I would have rather not worn a mask, but it is what it is. The way the school has handled the pandemic has been pretty smart and effective, so it’s not surprising that prom was able to happen. It was lots of fun, and there was no drama. I’m just glad we got a prom at all, seeing as the pandemic has forced some of us online and all to wear a mask.”

From the dance to weekend plans in Galveston, seniors were able to rejoice at the end of their senior year and of their high school career. They were able to look back at the past four years and see how much they have grown and developed, as well as take a peak at what is to come in the future. 

“This past weekend was one of the best ones of my high school career,” senior Quinn Bromley said. “There’s something nostalgic and sentimental about prom. As a freshman, the idea of being a senior seemed far-fetched and almost impossible. Now, I’m weeks away from graduating, and a few more months from going to college. Even though I’ll miss my friends, I am glad to have met them and to have been a part of their lives. Going to prom together was a great way to immortalize our friendship. I don’t think I’ll forget this night anytime soon.”