When I Grow Up…


Transcripts, applications, and the stress of maintaining a GPA eventually lead to a final destination. Trunks will soon begin to fill with college necessities, and then some, as the Class of 2021 begins a new life.    

Seniors, with only three weeks left of high school, await new beginnings in college and their future careers whether it be in business, humanities, music, and many other chosen career paths.

My next steps for the future would be going to Lonestar for two years and transferring to Sam Houston, taking everything day by day and enjoying the new freedom I have,” Nova Gafford said. “When I grow up I want to be the best singer I can possibly be, even if that means not being rich and famous, although it would be a nice addition.” 

Some enjoy the idea of expressing their creative side in their work, and others combine it with their own personal touches, even for one’s big day. 

My next steps towards my future would be to move out of my moms house, and start going to college,” Bree Starkey said. “When I grow up I want to do the hair and makeup of brides and bridesmaids.”

Business majors have always been common from College Park. With the amount of business and financial clubs and electives at the school, many take on career paths focusing on commercial activities. 

My next steps towards the future will be attending college and beginning to be involved in what career I want to pursue by joining clubs and getting internships,” Tomas Fernandez said. “In the next 10 years I’m hoping to either be in Houston or New York City working in finance either as a financial analyst or investment banker. I would picture living in New York with a job at an investment bank as having ‘made it.’” 

Every college student will take some form of humanities, whether that be a foreign language, English, history, or philosophy. With the skills and knowledge learned from these types of classes, some students will strive to help others in more humanitarian careers.  

When I am older I hope to be in a business management position while also continuing my education in law school to be an immigration lawyer,” Brailyn Hendricks said. “What most excites me about the future is all of the new experiences and people that will impact my life.”

Seniors head towards the day they “turn the tassel” and face college and their new independent life. With four years behind them, there is a lot to look back upon and take from their own experiences. 

I would tell my freshman self a lot, but one thing I have learned over the past four years is to not let the small things get you down and move past them,” Brant de Groot said. “If you let every small issue drag you down you can never move forward.”