The New Wing

Construction Project to Open in the Fall


Jillian Parks

The 1700s and 2700s are being added to the back corner of the freshman wing near the former bus ramp, and it will be in-use come fall. 

“We’ve been above capacity for quite some time, so this new wing is to alleviate some of the overcrowding that we have,” Associate Principal Melanie McCarthy said. “We’re growing, too, every year, so adding this extra wing will give people more space, more space in our hallways during passing, and our numbers in the classes will go down a little bit.”

The construction started almost a year ago, and as we were out of school since spring break of last year, the ball got rolling at the end of May- contracts, permits, etc. They broke ground in late June of last year, and teachers will finally be moving in over this summer. 

“We’ve got a lot of floating teachers right now,” McCarthy said. “Teachers that move from classroom to classroom every period as opposed to having one central place that they can be.” 

Smaller classroom sizes, more space in the hallways during passing, and more teachers with specific classrooms are just a few of benefits of this new wing. There are going to be several science labs, and culinary arts is moving out, adding a new kitchen for Ms. Southard and Ms. Hasselgren to share. The kitchen will be across the hall from their new classrooms.

“There will be more space for prepping, cooking, and a great area for students to observe teacher demo and instruction,” Southard said. “There will be more kitchens in the new lab which will ease up on crowding and give opportunities for students to experience hands on practice regularly instead of on a rotation basis.  We cannot wait to get into our new kitchens!”

There is also going to be a new aquatic science classroom for Mr. Coleman to be in, featuring built in aquariums. As it is the first of its kind in the district, administration is excited to see the precedent it sets for other CISD schools. 

“Aquatic science is one that’s growing, getting more and more students into it every year, so we’re going to have a classroom that’s more dedicated to that, and able to expand the program even further,” Coleman said. “That’s also going to allow biology to get out of the portable buildings and into an actual lab. It’s going to benefit two programs- biology is going to get better because of it, and aquatic science is too.” 

Furniture delivery is scheduled for June where the tables, chairs, and desks for the new space will be delivered. The teachers getting new classrooms have not all been assigned yet. 

“I personally will miss my hallway,” Hasselgren said. “I’ve been here since 2006, this hall is home, but I am so very excited for what’s in store for us next year and many years after that.”