Tackling Nationals

Hannah Dollar

Club sports often get overlooked, especially if they are not directly affiliated with the school, making their accomplishments unknown. One such club team is the full-contact sport, rugby. 

The Woodlands Youth Rugby Club leads multiple student-athletes in honoring the traditions of rugby through a focus on long-term player development, competition, and quality coaching. Their high school boys team, D1, is currently undefeated, ranking #1 in Texas and #5 in the country. Their impressive stats have allowed them the opportunity of playing in The Boy’s High School Rugby National Championships in Kansas City, Missouri, in June. The national tournament is invitation only, spanning over three days, where 12 of the nation’s top High School Clubs will compete for the national champion title. The non-profit club has been fundraising to make this opportunity a reality.

“Given the opportunity to go play for a national title is one of the biggest blessings in life. It doesn’t come often that you get to play for a great team, with great coaches, and play at the highest level of opposition,” junior and D1 player Joe Golden said. “It is very intimidating but exciting at the same time knowing that we are going to play with the best of the best.”

The multi-school club has worked with over 220 athletes, boys and girls from Kindergarten to 12th grade, across Montgomery County for the 2021 season. The national invitation is not only an honor for the team, but the entire club as their potential win would mark the first time that a boys high school rugby team from Texas won. Three of the D1 players, juniors Hudson Voss, Jack Johnson, and Joe Golden, attend College Park. 

“I’m looking forward to the summer season and performing with my friends and winning a national title,” junior and D1 player Jack Johnson said. “At the beginning of the season the competition was not so great, but recently we have had some strong competition which is good for us because we need it so we know what we have to do to win nationals. I feel honored to be able to perform for my club so I can show everyone what they’re missing out on in rugby.”