Grad Night: Behind The Scenes


Brianna OCallaghan, Reporter

Bowling, casinos, laser tag, tattoo artists, karaoke, and unlimited food and drink. That’s right, it’s the annual Grad Night Lock-In. 

As graduation approaches, PTO members plan a night-to-remember with plenty of games and snacks for our seniors’ last night together as a school. Taking place on May 24th, tickets going on sale here for $52 until the 10th and for $60 in cash only at the door.

“Everyone seemed really excited and enthusiastic on Monday when we handed out the flyers for the event, and that’s exactly what we hoped for,” PTO member Lynn Bridges said.

Grad Night has been an all-year project for the parents organizing the event. Since this night is not all covered in the Senior Dues, parents have worked hard on raising the money through other means. 

Funds are being brought in by our monthly restaurant spirit events, community partnership monetary business donations, parent donations, and student registrations,” CP Grad Night Co-Chair Michelle Mohr said. “We also will be having our annual online auction going live April 22-May 2. This helps us with remaining deposits to our host vendor and the entertainment vendors we bring in and also for all the raffle prizes that will be offered to the graduates.”

Because of multiple cancellations of school activities at the beginning of COVID-19, parents are bringing the Lock-In back and in full swing for the graduates of 2021.

“We know it’s been a rough year and seniors deserve everything that seniors should have,” PTO member Sandy Waguespack said. “We just want to make it to where they can come out and celebrate their graduation with their friends.”

With an emphasis on a substance and alcohol-free event, PTO members encourage seniors to have an unforgettable night before their next stages in life. 

What a wonderful milestone these kids just accomplished,” Mohr said. “We hope they can relax, have some fun, celebrate, reminisce, win some prizes and have this be a great highlight into their next chapter.”