From High School to College


With the last nine weeks of the year fast approaching, many seniors shift their focus as they transition into college and the “real world.” From applying to scholarships to finding new roommates and friends, seniors will have their hands full in the next couple of months. Not to mention, they still have one more grading period to go before they receive their diploma. While it is hard work keeping up with school and thinking ahead, senior students share what they are doing to prepare for what comes next. 

“As the school year is approaching its end, I’m really trying to focus on keeping my grades up and keeping a good record in high school for when I graduate,” senior Avery Cooper said. “College is a new chapter in my life that I’m doing my best to prepare for and I want to make sure that I feel confident when I get ready to move forward.”

One of the biggest things for seniors to focus on is financial aid and scholarships. In a previous post, we covered all the basics of scholarships, from where to find them and how to apply to as many of them as possible. Free money is free money, especially when heading to a more expensive college than average. 

“I qualified for a substantial scholarship at the school I plan on attending,” senior Michael Collado said. “Still, I’m spending a few hours here and there looking for smaller scholarships to get the last bit of money I need for a full scholarship. The less I have to spend out of my pocket, the better.”

No journey is the same. There are students who have committed to a certain college and some who are still indecisive. Some applied months ago, while others have just begun the process. Students may decide to go to community college or straight into a four-year school. It all depends on what the student hopes to achieve, and what options suit them best. 

“I’m still not sure where I’ll be going this fall,” senior Murdo Mitchell said. “I have been thinking more and more about college, though. My main focus at the moment is high school, but I do hope to figure out where I am headed soon after spring break.”

While thinking ahead is always a good idea, it is important for students to finish high school strong. Seniors may want to skip ahead and move on with their lives, but a drop in grades in the last quarter could very well jeopardize a college’s decision. This is something that seniors—and underclassmen—should keep in mind as they head into their last grading period. 

“Every little thing counts,” Cooper said. “Underclassmen should make sure to continue working hard during their senior year. Don’t slack off when you’re so close to the finish line.”