Scholarships 2021


With spring break just around the corner, many seniors will shift their focus and attention, as they prepare to head out to college and into the real world. From finding a roommate to learning basic skills such as how to cook, there are plenty of things that will keep seniors busy until next August. Among them, figuring out how to pay for college. In an attempt to help students with financial concerns regarding college, the counselors have released information regarding scholarships, how to find them, and how to apply for them. 

For those interested in applying for scholarships, a module has been created in the Class of 2021 Canvas course. The course includes instructions as to how to request transcripts, recommendation letters, and where to find all the information you may need to apply to scholarships.

In addition, seniors should have received an email regarding everything scholarships sometime last week. It can also be found in Canvas. Refer to the email if you have further questions.  

In Naviance, students will be able to find a list of local and regional scholarships, which is updated almost daily. This list also includes college-specific scholarships, so make sure to look carefully. 

To find the list, click on:

  1. Colleges
  2. Scholarships and Money
  3. Scholarship List
  4. Local and Regional Scholarships

Other places to look for scholarships include,, organizations you or your parents may belong to, and even your college’s website. It is worth noting that not all scholarships are academic or merit-based. 


How To Turn In Scholarships

In-person students must turn in any applications that need to be processed by the College and Career Center from 1st to 5th period, in-person. Emails will not be accepted.

As for remote students, they must email the scholarship tracking form and their application to [email protected] before 10 AM. If you plan to turn in the applications in-person, you must go to the College and Career Center from 7:20 AM to 10:46 AM.