What is Agriculture?


Growing. Gathering. Agriculture is more than that. It’s the foundation of our lifestyle. Without it, there’d be no clothing, food shortages, and would lead to economic instability. Needless to say, the field is vastly important. If you are interested in learning more, or simply looking for a fun class to take next year, here is an interview with Mrs. Burris, one of the Agriculture teachers (alongside Mrs. Hailey) on campus. 


Q: Why Agriculture? Why do you teach the subject? 

A: I teach agriculture because it has always been a passion of mine. I grew up working with horses and absolutely love animals of all kinds. When I started in college as an Animal Science major, I realized that I could become an agriculture teacher and share my passion for animals and agriculture with a younger generation.


Q: What are students taught in class, and why do you think it’s important for them to learn?

A: Depending on the agriculture class that students take, they are taught anything ranging from handling animals, welding, how to arrange floral designs, and many more. I think these skills are important for them to learn because many of these skills can be passed on to trades; the nation is in high need of people going into trades right now. Even if the student isn’t planning on going into a career in the agriculture industry, the skills that they learn through these classes can always be utilized and helpful in the real world.


Q: What kind of assignments or activities do you give students?

A: Again, the assignments that the students do is depending on which specific agriculture course that they are taking. For example, students in floral design get to create an arrangement every month and learn how to properly put an arrangement together. This will be completely different from what assignments they do in Principles of Agriculture, Vet Med, Ag Mech, etc. That is the beauty of what Mrs. Hailey and I teach; there are so many different areas of interest that students in agriculture can go in.


Q: What is the latest project, assignment, or activity that students have done?

A: In Principles of Agriculture, students had to go outside and pick up different samples of leaves. Front there, they had to identify and label the different parts of the leaf. These always turn out very cool! Students in floral design just completed their 3D Flower Shops, as well as their Valentine’s Day arrangements.


Q: Finally, what would you like to tell incoming students about your class? Why should they take it?

A: Students should take agriculture classes because there is truly something for everyone within these courses. Whether you like animals or just enjoy working with your hands, there is always a pathway that caters to students’ interests.