Chem Club


The Chemistry Club is once again opening its doors to any and all students interested in learning and exploring the science of chemistry and its subfields.

The club, run by officers John Lamoglia, Harry Crocker, Emily Freeman, Jadyn Hart, and Emily Neil, aims to encourage students to learn more about chemistry and how it applies to the world around them. Students from all grades and backgrounds are invited to join. There are no requirements, and no prior knowledge or experience is necessary.

At each meeting, club members will choose a chemistry-related topic and have a member teach a lesson on it, going beyond what students learn in class and finding ways to apply the topic in the real world. The lessons, which range from combustion to molecules in nature, are typically taught by students. However, the club will periodically invite a guest speaker to lecture on whatever topic is covered in the meeting. 

In addition to the lectures and the guest speakers, the chemistry club also offers demonstrations and labs. That way, members can apply what they have learned that week in the real world. 

The first meeting of the semester will be held next Thursday, Feb. 4 after school in Dr. Fox’s room (3202). Subsequent meetings will be held every other Thursday. Students from all grades and backgrounds are encouraged to attend, with no prior experience required.