21 Things to be Excited About in 2021

21 Things to be Excited About in 2021

Jillian Parks

2020 was widely held as a garbage-fire of a year. I will not recount the worst moments because lingering on the past is not worth it. Especially when the future holds so many exciting things! 

Here are 21 things College Park students are excited about for the upcoming year: 


1. Emily Freeman: “I’m excited for 2021 for a lot of reasons. The biggest one is that I’m finally graduating. 2021 holds a lot of uncertainty for me, but I’m honestly really excited about it. This year I will be heading off to college and starting the next chapter of my life.”

2. Jared Holt: “I am excited for 2021 because I will be going off to college. I’m excited to be more independent and live in a new city.”

3. Kendall Cagney: “I’m excited for 2021 because there are so many opportunities for change after a really difficult year. graduating, vaccines, heading to college, and last soccer seasons have just made me super hopeful.”

4. Emma Buikema: “2021 is exciting to me because of all of the opportunities that are opening up for me with graduation, heading off to college, and  beginning the next chapter of our lives.”

5. Eesa Ansari: “I am excited to move on with my life and be independent and meet new people. Also I will enjoy the political instability in the coming months!”



6. Kendall Higgins: “I am so excited for a lot of things but my State horse show is definitely top of my list.” 

7. Lindsay Hollis: “I always look forward to the Drill team contest season.” 

8. Taylor Moore: “I’m looking forward to the Justin Bieber concert.” 

9. Dev Patel: “I’m looking forward to not wearing a mask in the fall.” 

10. Jay Henshaw: “I’m going to be running faster this track season so that’s something to be excited about.”  

11. Lindsey Shea: “I’m turning 18 in the fall… finally.”



12. Troy Drew: “More of everything! More choir, more theatre, just everything!” 

13. Drew Cooper: “Just that it’s not 2020!”

14. Brennan Mathis: “Hopefully being able to see family again.” 

15. Luca Lopez: “For political pressure to end.”

16. Tommy Cox: “The next season of Hell’s Kitchen.”

17. Justin Doud: “For live theatre to return and the opportunity to perform again with my friends.”



18. Solomon Williams: “2021 is exciting for me because I get to audition and meet new people hang out with my friends in theatre.” 

19. Zoe Allin: “2021 is exciting for me because I get to go to the throwing track meets.”

20. Cassandra Shea: “I’m excited to get number one is at least one Kahoot game.” 

21. Anna Fetz: “I’m excited about reading so many more books this year.”