Direct Hope Shoe Drive Recap


Taylor Good

Families not being able to afford good shoes continue to be an issue seen throughout the holiday season, and the virus has contributed to the increase of these families. To counter this issue, the College Park Cross-Country team and the CISD administration joined with Direct Hope to host the annual shoe drive last week. The charity event was from December 7 to the 11th at the front entrance of the Athletics hallway. Students were encouraged to donate gently used footwear to further demonstrate their support for the individuals in need, contributing to the influx of Houston families receiving shoes for the upcoming holiday. 

Coach Fairhurst, Head Coach of the Girls’ Track team, as well as the rest of the Athletics staff dedicated their time to support the growing cause, creating posters, Tweets, and various Instagram posts to encourage students to participate in the event. The Shoe Drive has been an overall success in gathering shoes for the multiple families in need.   

Direct Hope is a non-profit, growing organization that provides, assists, and teaches homeless families within the area. For more information on how to show support for the cause, visit the website at